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The exhibition's main objective is to divulge the area's significant historical, architectural, urban and landscape values, as well as the efforts made by the City of Knowledge Foundation to preserve and adapt this heritage to serve as a new reason for its existence. The exhibit also analyzes the significance and impact of the prolonged U.S. military presence in Panama.

Built in 1922, it was the residence of the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military’s Clayton base, the building was recently restored by the City of Knowledge Foundation. The building itself is an attraction for people interested in the history of Canal Zone architecture. This house was part of the original military base complex and was designed by the renowned architect Samuel M. Hitt.


The Center will attend groups of 15 persons maximum. It offers restrooms, vehicle parking and handicap access. It will also have a permanent exhibition and two rooms for receiving visiting groups.


The Interpretive Center is located in Building No. 173, Gonzalo Crance Street. Parking nearby is at the Convention Center and on Arnoldo Cano Arosemena Ave., across from of the tennis courts.