Workshop for the presentation of "Our Footprint"

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On June 22, 2017, the Imaginari Foundation, together with the International Center for Sustainable Development (CIDES) and the Latin American Development Bank (CAF), held the presentation workshop at the City of Knowledge Convention Center of "Our Footprint", Platform for the Mitigation and Compensation of the Environmental Footprint.

The objective of this Platform is to develop and promote a meeting and coordination space for the reduction and compensation of the environmental footprint oriented to the productive sector, through which people will be able to interact with other actors and with the market of environmental services, supporting the development of projects that besides having a positive environmental impact, produce social and economic benefits in the communities in which they are carried out.

The Platform will have a regional scope, beginning its implementation for Panama and Colombia. It is comprised of a portfolio of companies committed to mitigate and compensate for their environmental footprint and a portfolio of sustainable development bankable projects, through which companies can offset the environmental impact of their operations. It also has a digital system that facilitates communication and interaction between different actors, includes mechanisms and tools for measurement and decision-making, and guarantees the security of information.

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Among the participants were organizations and companies such as the Industrial Union (SIP), Ciudad del Saber, the International Center for Sustainable Development, the Cleaner Production Center, the Panama Canal Authority, Banco General, ARGOS, MiBus, GEF, among others.

At the end of the workshop, the Board of Directors was presented, which will be in charge of ensuring an effective and transparent management of the Platform.