Waste Management in 2013 at the City of Knowledge

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Reduction and proper waste management are key components for the City of Knowledge in its effort to become a unique Sustainable City in Panama. In this sense the Vice Presidency for Administration and Urban Development applies criteria to reduce and manage waste based on the Integral System for Solid Waste Management of the City of Knowledge Foundation.

This Integral System for Solid Waste Management had, in 2013, several highlights, such as the total implementation of the Collection Center and Solid Waste Management (CAM) system, a permanent education program and monthly volunteer days for the classification of waste, and improvements in the receipt of waste outside CAM operating hours.

Materials recovered at the City of Knowledge Collection Center are divided into two groups: users and residents. In the period from January to December 2013, users recovered: bond paper (55.99%), cardboard (20.59%), plastic (6.27%) and glass (5.27%). On the other hand residents recovered: glass (31.04%), newspaper (19.71%), cardboard (19.6%) and paper (11.63%). An 83% increase of the gross recovery was made in the period from January to December 2013 vs. 2012.

A great recovery of materials was also performed in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings located at the City of Knowledge. La Plaza City of Knowledge, from May to December 2013, recovered: paper and cardboard (52.11%), packaging (43.03%) and others (4.86%). For their part the Dormitories, from July to December 2013, recovered: packaging (18.76%), paper and cardboard (77.08%) and others (4.16%).

The City of Knowledge continues to develop and implement criteria to reduce the generation and manage waste, taking as parameters the elimination, reduction, reuse, recycling and disposal of waste, including the necessary treatment to prevent contamination or environmental risk.