Volunteers of Panama at La Plaza

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As part of a series of lectures on the subject of volunteerism, which are held monthly at the City of Knowledge, the conference "Volunteers of Panama" was held on Thursday, August 22, at La Plaza.

During this event we had testimonies on volunteerism from people working with Fundacáncer, TECHO Panamá, Friends of Animals and Nature Association (AAAN), Calicanto Foundation, Ponte en Algo and FAS Panamá.

The event began with a presentation from Isaac Castillo, who explained how he became interested in doing volunteer work for FAS Panamá. Isaac, an electrical engineer and independent consultant on energy issues, shared with the audience how he dedicates some of his time to activities that promote recycling in Panama and how his actions have motivated his family and friends. Isaac is an active volunteer with FAS Panamá since 2012.

Fernando Guzmán Espinoza, a Nicaraguan social psychologist and voluntary of TECHO Nicaragua for almost five years, spoke about his experience in various leadership roles in construction and then undertaking the coordination of teams in the areas of Training and Volunteering for TECHO Nicaragua. Since December 2012 he is the Social Director of TECHO Panamá.

Meanwhile Liezel Robles, two time cancer survivor and Fundacáncer volunteer, said that volunteer activities help people change their mentality. Liezel, a big fan of running through which she supports “Kilómetros por Alegría”, said that volunteering with Fundacáncer changed her life, and thanks to them she has been able to share her experiences and interact with people who have suffered from the disease and thus provide hope by encouraging volunteerism.

Carlos Araúz, member of the Board of Calicanto Foundation since 2008, spoke about how they promote youth involvement in marginalized neighborhoods, with community leaders, to use sports, arts and culture as a life-changing vehicle. Carlos is responsible for the implementation of the programs Enlaces (2009) and Barrios (2013). 

On behalf of the Friends of Animals and Nature Association (AAAN), Juan Carlos Duque, permanent volunteer since October 2012, spoke about his work organizing voluntary activities in the temporary home for animals in adoption of the AAAN.

Carolina Freire, Director of Volunteers Panama and Ponte en Algo, thanked those present and reminded everyone that the "Volunteer Topics" events, which are sponsored by the City of Knowledge, will conclude on December 5th with the celebration of the International Volunteer Day.

The event also featured the participation of musical groups La Tribu and Roba Morena, who provided an artistic touch to the event.