US Embassy, champions of the Joint Football League

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The football team of the US Embassy won the 9th City of Knowledge Joint Football League by beating the team of the Kiwanis Sports Village in a penalty shootout. 

In an exciting match, the US Embassy team managed to overcome the initial goal by Kiwanis. In a great play, the team of the Sports Village scored the first goal but quickly the US Embassy tied the match (1 to 1) to force the definition of the title from the penalty point, where they prevailed 3-1 to be crowned champions.

Fans of both teams enjoyed a great and highly disputed match, which was played in an excellent sporting and camaraderie atmosphere. After the game, in the facilities of the Kiwanis Sports Village, teams and fans enjoyed food, drink and music to celebrate another successful football league.

Parallel to the final, the 3rd and 4th place match was supposed to be played but the Banco General team did not show up for the appointment. Leaving the team from FAO-UNEP to keep the third place of the tournament.