TRAMA at the PJF

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As part of the educational program of the Panama Jazz Festival, a clinic was held on TRAMA: Music Industry. TRAMA is a connection movement for the actors of the creative industries and orange economy in Panama, in order to generate new creative, professional and business alliances.

According to Davinia Uriel, Culture Manager of the City of Knowledge Foundation, "in 2018, after conducting a study on the music industry in Panama, we brought people together at an event in order to favor conditions for greater professionalization of the sector, offering a window of possibilities of earning a living, training and innovating".

The TRAMA meeting made possible the presence of key actors of the national and international scene and facilitated the external promotion of the Panamanian music industry.

The organizing committee of TRAMA also shared its experience in the WOMEX music market, an international world music support and development project, where they were able to enrich themselves with the experience to prepare a report that will seek to obtain the necessary support for the music industry to emerge in Panama.