The new Integrated Center for Hearing Health offers hearing exams for all

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The new Integrated Center for Hearing Health of the Foundation Oír es Vivir (to Hear is to Live), located at building 234 of the City of Knowledge, offers exams with new and more specialized equipment. The professional team includes two certified audiologists who undertake the exams to guarantee your hearing health and provide you with support and solutions in case of a hearing loss.

The Center offers hearing screening exams, audiometry, and more complex exams such as impedanceometry and auditory evoked potential. Furthermore, it counts with facilities to offer speech therapy to children and adults. It is of great benefit to have all these services under one same roof to permit the detection, diagnosis, and the treatment of a hearing condition. The Center is also a place where orientation is available to all, and where families can exchange information and experiences on the challenge of having a relative with hearing problems.

Foundation Oír es Vivir invites all of you (adults, teenagers and children) to have a hearing exam, to ensure it is done in time and to avoid having any hearing impairment which could interfere with the adequate language development and schooling of your child or with your own work and social life. It is recommended to do one exam annually.

Appointments are offered every Tuesday and Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. For booking, please call 317-0562.

Exams are offered at a low cost, and as the Foundation Oír es Vivir is a non-profit organization, all funds collected are used to provide sustainable hearing solutions to vulnerable families with less economic resources in Panama.