The first Cyclotron of Central America is already at the City of Knowledge

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In recent days the first Cyclotron of Central America, equipment used for high quality early diagnosis of cancer, which belongs to the company Radiofarmacia de Centroamérica S.A. -affiliated to International Technopark of Panama- arrived at the City of Knowledge.  

A cyclotron is a circular particle accelerator in which charged subatomic particles generated at a central source are accelerated spirally outward in a plane perpendicular to a fixed magnetic field by an alternating electric field. Cyclotrons are used for the study of nuclear structure, astrophysics, heavy elements, elementary interactions and to produce radioisotopes for medical applications.

The Cyclotron at the City of Knowledge, which comes from the factory GEMS PET Systems AB in Uppsala, Sweden, is used for the production of PET (positron emission tomography) radioisotopes such as oxygen-15, nitrogen-13, carbon-11 and fluorine-18, which are automatically transferred to a radiochemical processing system to be converted into radiotracers for the use in the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. These radiopharmaceuticals are used in patients for PET imaging, mainly for the study of functional abnormalities (using brain imaging), tumors (metastasis detection) and studies in cardiology. The Radiofarmacia de Centroamérica cyclotron is called PETtrace Radiotracer and was developed by General Electric.

As the first production center of medical radioisotopes in Central America, Radiofarmacia de Centroamérica S.A. will raise the quality of early diagnosis of cancer in Panama and open doors for development and scientific research in this field. This will be reinforced by its strategic location within the City of Knowledge, which will guarantee a laboratory of excellence at the service of Panamanian health.