TCU students presentation to the City of Knowledge community

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Students of the Texas Christian University (TCU) Global Academy conducted a presentation at the Training and Business Center on the work done in Panama with NGOs located at the City of Knowledge campus.

The TCU Global Academy is a holistic approach to study abroad designed to bring faculty, students, and communities together to explore global issues.The program will bring TCU students every year to the City of Knowledge to work with NGOs located on campus and thus learn more about sustainable development to provide initiatives that benefit the community.

The presentation initiated with a brief description of the TCU Global Academy, a project that began with the intention of investing in Panama and reaching out to the community. The project, which had 2 years in the working, had students spend a week in Panama and divided them into three teams made up of people from different disciplines, to explore problems from various perspectives.

TCU students who participated in this program gave ​​their presentation, divided into three groups, about the work they did in Panama with CATHALAC, Wetlands International and Voces Vitales, all NGOs based at the City of Knowledge. TCU students got to work in producing an educational program for high school students in Panama for the preservation of sustainable issues, explore the importance of reaching out to the community through social media about educational subjects leading to the importance of preserving the environment, and focus on the business aspect of sustainability and the importance of getting women involved in new projects that produce changes in the community.