Seeking solutions to urban flooding in the Bay of Panama

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Foto: Wetlands International

Wetlands International -based at the City of Knowledge- supported the mission of the Dutch team for risk reduction "DRR Team" and the Mayor of the Municipality of Panama, in their initial diagnosis for finding solutions to the problems of urban flooding in the Bay of Panama.

A Cooperation Agreement, between the Mayor of the city of Panama, José Isabel Blandón, and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Wiebe de Boer, signed at the City of Knowledge Exhibition Hall, formalized the mission and future cooperation.

The mission aimed to advise the Mayor’s office of the City of Panama on how to solve the problem of flooding in the Juan Díaz, Tocumen and Pacora river basins. This included short-term measures to reduce flooding, but also the development of processes for medium and long term, as well as intersectoral dialogues and a Master Plan supported by all parties involved.

"The problem of flooding should be resolved comprehensively. Not only through the preservation and restoration of wetlands, but coordinating it with improved drainage and planning. Wetlands International supports this Dutch mission and the Mayor with our knowledge and approach for Building with Nature in this effort," said Julio Montes de Oca, director of the office in Panama.

The team visited the most vulnerable flooding points in the districts of Juan Díaz, Tocumen and Pacora. In addition, through meetings with relevant institutions such as SINAPROC, MOP, MiAmbiente, MIVIOT and IDAAN, the institutional situation was evaluated. Through meetings with the community, NGOs and associations of engineers and builders, including promoters affecting the area, it became possible to share experiences and projects.

"After centuries of having built in nature, we have learned in Holland to build with nature. We want to share our experience with Panama and the world," indicated the leader of the Dutch mission, Klaas de Groot.

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