Second Volunteer Day for Waste Classification at City of Knowledge

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On Saturday, February 23, FAS PANAMÁ organized its second volunteer day for waste classification: Join, the Planet needs you, in order to sensitize the participants about the importance of taking advantage of the waste generated daily, how to dispose of it properly and the impact this has on the economy. The workday was a perfect opportunity to share knowledge among the participants and the staff of FAS.

The day began with an induction for the volunteers about the work to be performed, which included a short tour of the facilities inside the Collection Center. Later, the volunteers were divided into 4 working groups where they learned the right way to deliver waste for recycling, the amount of waste we generate and the way in which it can be exploited.

52 people attended the second volunteer day, including employees of the City of Knowledge Foundation, DELL, Caja de Ahorros, Panama Jazz Festival, Florida State University, CIDETYS, individual volunteers summoned by Ponte en Algo, and FAS PANAMÁ staff, including its president Marisol Landau.

These volunteer workdays will be held once a month to further strengthen the recycling culture in our country. For more information write to, or call 317-0631.