Scientific Meeting of Genetics, Genomics and Computer Science

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The first Scientific Meeting of Genetics, Genomics and Computer Science was successfully held at the Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences of the Autonomous University of Chiriquí (UNACHI).

The meeting was the product of an initiative by researchers Oriana I. Batista C., director of the Specialized Center of Genetics (CEGEN) of the UNACHI and of the company Centro Gendiagnostik, SA., and Javier Sánchez Galán, member of the Research Group in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Synthetic Biology (GIBBS) of the Technological University of Panama (UTP), supported by the City of Knowledge Foundation as part of its national scope activities.

This first meeting consisted of a series of conferences and the development of a workshop, in which knowledge was provided about modern DNA technologies, bioinformatics and computer tools for the storage, organization, analysis and evaluation of genetic information. More than 70 participants from the careers of medicine, biology, pharmacy, chemistry, medical technology, systems engineering, among others, were given the opportunity to get an update.

Other activities of greater duration, in which genetic and bioinformatics are combined, will be offered so that the new generations are exposed to the new tendencies of scientific development, with the purpose of achieving greater professional competences.