School of Commerce of the University of Virginia visits the City of Knowledge

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Students and faculty of the School of Commerce of the University of Virginia visited the City of Knowledge in order to learn more about this knowledge management platform focused on empowering the innovative and competitive capabilities of its affiliates located inside the campus.

To understand more about the City of Knowledge project, students and faculty members received two presentations by Arango Software and the United Nations Information Centre in Panama, both located within the City of Knowledge.

Julio Arango, Head of Research and Development at Arango Software -company affiliated to the City of Knowledge International Technopark-, spoke about their experience of over 25 years and the growth of their company that specializes in developing and implementing software for the financial sector in the Latin American market. Mr. Arango took the opportunity to mention that in his experience software companies do not last long in the market and so they must be in constant evolution. Today, Arango Software is located in 12 countries.

Meanwhile Jiesselinde González, National Information Officer of the United Nations Information Centre in Panama –located at the City of Knowledge- spoke about the mission of the United Nations, which is to unite all nations of the world to work on peace and development. In her presentation she discussed the importance of the United Nations in the world since they provide food to 90 million people in 73 countries and attend 36 million refugees.