Reopening of the CAM

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After improvements made to provide a better service to the community, the Collection and Waste Management Center (CAM), operated by the NGO FAS PANAMA with the support of the City of Knowledge Foundation, is open once again to receive recyclable waste both from residents and users of CDS as well as from other areas.

The CAM receives, sorts, weighs, stores and commercializes solid waste to be recovered for subsequent recycling or reuse. These waste includes paper, cardboard, plastic (PET and HDPE), glass, metal, Tetrapak, electronic waste, batteries and oil. Recyclables must be submitted to the CAM clean, dry and properly separated by type.

So far in 2015 (until October 31st) the CAM has recycled a total of 44 tons from non-residential affiliates of CDS, divided into 32 tons of paper and cardboard, 9 tons in packaging, and 2 tons in other special materials; while residents of CDS and other areas have recycled a total of 86 tons in various materials.

The CAM offers a monthly program of sensitization and training of the community in a day in which various issues related to sustainable development, the importance of mangroves, energy saving and organic food production, are addressed.

The Center operates in building 216 on the Rodolfo Benítez Street, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To receive personalized information on how to deliver recyclable wastes properly, users can visit the CAM, where they will be attended by its staff. They can also contact the CAM by email to / or call 317-0631.