Pre-kindergarten students of the MET create a garden in the City of Knowledge

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Under the direction of PK-4 teachers Analisa Miró, Adi Khoshen, Mónica Sekhinger and Rachelle Reynolds, 4 year old students of The Metropolitan School of Panama (MET) created a garden at their facilities inside the City of Knowledge.

The idea of the garden, which began in January, originated as the MET has a plant program where students are taught the importance of conserving and caring for plants, and the benefits derived from these. The four PK-4 classrooms and the Garden Club, an extracurricular program involving school children of all ages, created the garden.

In the garden you can find cucumber, watermelon, melon, tomato, lettuce, radish, basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme and coriander, among others. Through this initiative students tasted fruits, made salads, ​​a bread with herbs, and vegetable soup with herbs and spices that all children could enjoy.

MET students got to learn about responsibility, the importance of caring for plants that bear fruit, the benefits of plants and how they grow. At the end of the school year teachers and students will take the plants during the holidays to care of them in their homes.