MarViva publishes a methodology for Marine Spatial Planning (MSP)

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The guide describes the concepts and steps structured by MarViva to promote the organization of human activities in the ocean. It was produced with the support of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Government of Spain, within the context of the Lifeweb Project.

It implies public, multisectoral, participatory processes to analyze and conciliate ecologic, economic, and social objectives, aiming to plan and design effective models for the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.

The methodology covers mechanisms for coordination with the governance and governability structures for coastal and marine areas, with schemes for public participation in decision-making processes.

It requires the incorporation of technic and scientific information as basis for the joint identification of conflicts among users of the resources, or among the uses and the habitats or the legal framework.

The process implies assigning values to the current and future scenarios, to agree on the most convenient and inclusive conservation and development strategies. In addition, it includes the definition of instruments to evaluate the compliance with the objectives, and to monitor and adjust the model throughout time.

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MarViva Foundation is a regional, private, non-profit organization, foused mainly in Costa Rica, Panama (City of Knowledge) and Colombia.

Their mission is to promote the conservation and sustainable use of coastal and marine ecosystems in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

They support the improvement of the institutional and legal framework, the promotion of responsible markets, and strengthened local and regional capabilities to allow enhanced effectiveness of the efforts to safeguard the ocean resources.

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