MarViva Foundation Workshops at Chiriquí

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Between April 24 and 26, the MarViva Foundation, affiliated to the City of Knowledge, held three workshops in the province of Chiriquí, at the communities of Pedregal, Boca Chica and Guarumal, designed to validate maps that reflect, from the cartographic point of view, different human activities carried out in coastal areas in the districts of David, San Lorenzo and Alanje. The intensity and timing in which these activities are carried out was also estimated, based on the experience of the participants.

These maps were elaborated ​​from information available in books, facilitated in workshops that took place last November (which included the participation of different actors that make social and economic life in the communities mentioned above), and from the authorities represented there: the National Environmental Authority (ANAM), the Aquatic Resources Authority of Panama (ARAP), the National Air Service (SENAN), the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), the municipal government, among other entities.

All these exercises are part of the Marine Planning process carried out by the MarViva Foundation, which highlights conflicts that may exist between different activities that take place there, or with the ability of the medium to produce a sustained range of goods and services. The ultimate goal is to lay the groundwork for the design and construction of future scenarios that reconcile the interests of all users and stakeholders and ensure over time the productive capacity of ecosystems and biodiversity conservation.