Lessons learned and outcomes of Rio +20

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The City of Knowledge Foundation Training and Business Center witnessed, on September 25th, the last conversation of a total of seven organized by UNEP, the ACP and the FCDS, entitled: Lessons learned and outcomes of Rio+20.

The main table of the conversation group was composed of distinguished personalities like Oscar Vallarino of the Panama Canal Authority, Margarita Astrálaga of the United Nations Environment Programme and Guillermo Castro, Academic Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation.

The conversation began with a conference from Ricardo Sánchez, who gave a historical account from 1972 to 2012 on the formation of sustainability as a problem and as a collective aspiration. He mentioned the link between the global systemic crisis and the crisis of a consensus on sustainability, and the importance of negotiation from regional position coordination, defining principles, objectives and procedures of collaboration around common goals.

Subsequently distinguished personalities like Ángel Ureña, Félix Wing and Lamed Mendoza provided their comments regarding the seven-conversation cycle. This cycle helped the process of formation of a nucleus of intellectuals and professionals linked to sustainability issues, and the formation and development of a culture capable of expressing these problems in order to plan and guide social behavior towards a solution.

With the conclusion of the last conversation about Rio+20, a successful collaboration between ACP, UNEP and FCDS was achieved, as well as with a large and diverse group of academic, business, social and environmental agencies.