Human Whale at the City of Knowledge

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More than 400 people gathered on Sunday, July 1st, to form a "Human Whale" in order to send a message in favor of the conservation and protection of whales as well as promoting the economic and social benefits they pose to the development of coastal marine communities.

People of all ages gathered at the City of Knowledge at 10:00 am, enlivened by the drums of Panamanian musician Alfredo Hidrovo, to form part of the creation of a Human Whale that was photographed from the air by artist John Quigley.

Along with Greenpeace, Albatros Foundation, MarViva Foundation, and a group of civil society organizations dedicated to the conservation and protection of oceans and seas, the City of Knowledge Foundation joined forces to provide support in conducting this event, which represents one of the social mobilization initiatives aimed at promoting the conservation and protection of whales, while raising awareness and educating the general public about non-lethal use of cetaceans.

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