Glass collection resumes at CDS

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From the City of Knowledge Foundation we announce to our users, residents and neighbors that the City of Knowledge Collection and Solid Waste Management Center (CAM) has resumed its glass collection for recycling.

In early 2014 the consortium Grupo Vidiero Centroamericano (Grupo VICAL) closed its production and glass recycling plant in Panama, which led to the suspension in our country to the recycling of this material. In response, the City of Knowledge CAM had to stop receiving glass late last June.

Following an agreement between FAS PANAMA (NGO responsible for operating our CAM) and Red Ecológica Panamá S.A., the City of Knowledge has resumed its glass collection for recycling.

We invite all of you to use our collection center for your recyclable material: paper, plastic, cardboard, glass containers of food products (no cap), metal, Tetra Pak, electronic waste, batteries and oil.

The Center operates Monday through Friday from building #216 on a schedule from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We thank you all for your help with the City of Knowledge recycling program.

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