French Ambassador visits CDS Collection Center

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Mr. Philippe Casenave, French Ambassador to Panama, visited in recent days the City of Knowledge (CDS) Collection Center to learn more about proper waste management procedures inside the campus.

The visit was aimed at learning about the process of separation done by FAS PANAMÁ at the collection center in order to implement the same procedure at the French Embassy, which seeks to promote a responsible environmental behavior. Solutions were also sought to support schools that teach French so that they can undertake recycling activities, with the help from FAS.

Mr. Casenave had the opportunity to take a tour of the City of Knowledge campus and get to know its sustainable facilities such as the Dormitories (LEED Platinum), La Plaza (LEED Gold), Park of the Lakes and the Interpretive Center, where he was shown an exhibition whose main objective is to divulge the area's significant historical, architectural, urban and landscape values.

The visit counted with the participation of Marisol Landau, Executive Director of FAS PANAMÁ, Alessa Stabile, Environmental Manager, Manuel Rivera, Interpretive Center Manager, Vilma Falconett, Director of Public Relations of the City of Knowledge Foundation, and FAS PANAMÁ staff.