FAS PANAMA celebrates 23 years

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The Foundation for Social Action for Panama, FAS PANAMA, is a non-profit organization formed on August 18, 1994 by professionals from various disciplines aware of the need to promote sustainable human development projects, with emphasis on those aimed at conservation and rational use of resources, through the implementation of technologies and practices that are friendly to the environment.

This year we commemorate 23 years of Social and Environmental Action for the common good; 23 reasons to give thanks to God and to all who have made this dream possible.

During this time many projects are executed with passion and dedication. Projects supported by various institutions, national and foreign organizations, companies, universities, educational centers, individuals, families and communities; always aimed at improving the environmental and life quality of the beneficiary groups by improving the conditions of access to drinking water, hygiene and sanitation.

Although the list of projects is long there is one that was born with the organization and that we have executed uninterrupted since the beginning: Recycling for People and the Environment. This flagship project, pioneer in its kind, has allowed us to grow and mature as an organization, to strengthen our values, to learn, to stumble and to rise again, to value solidarity, to share our experience so that other organizations, companies, institutions, people, grow and replicate this effort.

Our gratitude is infinite for all who have believed in this initiative, in this experiment that has been FAS PANAMA, especially to the collaborators who are ready to receive the recyclable materials that they bring to the center day after day, to the volunteers who do not fail every week and every day, to the people and companies that give us their recyclable materials, it would be very long to list all these allies and benefactors, but there is one in particular to whom we must thank the confidence to allow us to contribute from our field of work in the construction of a Sustainable City, and it is City of Knowledge, community where we have been since 2011, and where we operate the Collection Center of Recyclable Materials (CAM), place where this Saturday, October 28, from 10 am to 3 pm, we want to meet with all of you, in a Celebration to reaffirm our commitment and thank them for believing in our work. The activity is free and open to the public.

In this special day, in addition to receiving recyclable materials, we will have the participation of a great number of organizations and institutions with which we have worked over the years. In addition, there will be lectures and workshops, games and fun activities for all ages.

For more information you can write us to our Facebook: faspanama; twitter @faspanama; email faspanama2003@yahoo.com or call us at 3170637.