CrimsonLogic Panama provides sponsorship in technology and innovation

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In recent days an event took place in which CrimsonLogic Panama –company based at the City of Knowledge– presented its sponsorship to promote the development of education in technology and communication. The event was held at the City of Knowledge Convention Center.

During the event the company presented scholarship certificates to students from the Technological University of Panama, presented the certificate of alliance with the Omar Torrijos Herrera school to implement the Pilot Program of Applied Programming and delivered a donation to the Center for Child Guidance, Soy Feliz.

CrimsonLogic CEO, San Ken Wye, mentioned, “we benefit from IT, we live for IT, but the future is the people and the university students that will be the future leaders of the country”.

For his part, Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation, said "we are proud of the presence of almost 10 years of CrimsonLogic on campus and we celebrate the initiative of this company to commit to the country's future through young scholars."