Conversation on Environmental Business and Green Economy

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In recent days the Conversation: Environmental Business and Green Economy, was held at the Presidential Room of the Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE).

The activity began with welcoming remarks by the President of the APEDE, Mr. Roberto Troncoso, who said that Panama is now recognized for its high potential to develop "green business" regarding biodiversity, climate change and renewable energy.  From this initial reflection he welcomed the audience highlighting the importance and necessity of such conversations, which are necessary for the creation of social, economic and environmental values since, on the short term, that which is not sustainable will not be useful to businesses. He concluded by stating that green businesses are opportunities for new ways of doing business.

Then the new president of the Environmental Commission of the APEDE, Herman Atencio, stated that these initiatives are of great importance and that during his administration they will continue, so that the APEDE members and the general public can stay updated on issues such as: green economy, sustainable development and environmental protection.

The event also featured presentations by Jaime Severino of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Guillermo Castro, Academic Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation (FCDS), and Oscar Vallarino of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP). All of them national environmental experts who based their contributions to the discussion on the importance of putting knowledge at the service of sustainable development, stressing the following points:

1. The challenges of society to ensure that human development and environmental sustainability indices achieve a relative balance. Being a green economy one way to achieve this.

2. The growth of Panama as an emerging market for environmental services and development of multimodal services which should be enhanced so as to exploit the comparative advantages in making the region more competitive and more equitable, with an efficient distribution of wealth in the country.