Conversation about Recycling in the Clayton area

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The United States Embassy and the City of Knowledge Foundation held, on Wednesday, July 18, a conversation with the community about recycling in the Clayton area, which explained the recycling program and how neighbors can participate.

The Infrastructure and Service Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, Tomás Paredes, stated that the mission of the dialogue was to generate new ideas, join forces and raise awareness in the community. He also mentioned that the recycling program is for the benefit of the community and therefore requires the support of the community to produce a model of sustainable urban development that can be replicated in other parts of Panama City.

For his part, the Minister Counselor of the U.S. Embassy in Panama, John Law, said that recycling is a priority for his government’s administration since every little conservation action can have a huge impact on the health of our environment. He also spoke about the results of their recycling program and how they involve their employees to participate and take action.

Mabelys Cedeño, Head of Environmental Security at the City of Knowledge Foundation, spoke about the Solid Waste Management System, which works in conjunction with FAS Panama. Meanwhile, Mariela Fruto, Executive Director of FAS Panama, explained the difference between garbage and solid waste, being the latter the one that can still be exploited. She also reminded attendees the different types of waste and how long it takes them to biodegrade, as well as the difference between Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

The City of Knowledge has a Collection and Management Center, located at building 216, which receives, sorts, stores and markets solid waste recovered for recycling or reusing purposes.