City of Knowledge Creative Industries Cluster launch

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In recent days we held the Launch of the City of Knowledge Creative Industries Cluster, a new initiative that has the backing of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries and the Inter-American Development Bank.

In recent years, the City of Knowledge has become a major player in the promotion of the creative industries in Panama, as a key sector in the development of a more innovative economy, generating employment and opportunities, as well as social change and prestige for our country.

The event began with welcoming words by Juan David Morgan, President of the Board of Trustees of the City of Knowledge Foundation, who mentioned that the act "symbolizes what we want to be in the City of Knowledge. Cultural development is very important for a country that wants to achieve sustainable development."

Verónica Zavala, IDB Representative in Panama, was pleased to be able to collaborate with the City of Knowledge in its beginnings and especially now that it has been demonstrated that the orange economy has an enormous impact and potential for the economies of any country.

Advances of the country in the creative industries, was the title of the presentation of Néstor González, Vice Minister of Foreign Commerce. During the presentation he stressed that an alliance has been created with the City of Knowledge to promote creative industries, which contribute a large amount to the country's GDP. "City of Knowledge is very important so that people who are inside the creative industries have a place where they can contribute their value to the economy of Panama", emphasized González.

Additionally, Galileo Solís, Senior Specialist in Science and Technology of the IDB in Panama, spoke about the Project Support to the Cultural and Creative Ecosystem of Panama. "With this initiative in conjunction with CdS we make sure that people can give free rein to their creativity, which has a great impact on the economy of the country." Solís mentioned that the creative and cultural economy in Latin America has a great space to grow since it generates not only cultural, but also economic value. With regard to the project to support the cultural and creative ecosystem of the country, he mentioned that it will be carried out through three parts: diagnosis of the problem, institutional architecture, and communication and awareness.

The City of Knowledge Creative Industries Cluster launch, was done by Walo Araújo, Vice President of Communications of the City of Knowledge.Araújo stressed that several Latin American countries have an advantage over Panama because they have launched creative districts strategies, with the participation of several actors, regardless of who is in the government. At CdS, the topic of creative industries began to be discussed in 2015 with the TRAMA project, a very important exercise to learn how clustering works, which is required to start the Creative Industry that generates employment, wealth and reputation for the country.

With the creation of the Creative Industries Cluster, City of Knowledge will be consolidated as a space for articulation and collaboration between the different actors involved in the value chain of creative industries: companies, enterprises, independent professionals, unions, government, NGOs, academia, international cooperation and public, favoring innovation and competitiveness, promoting public-private partnerships, attracting resources and opportunities for the development of the sector and its integration into regional and international circuits.