Capatec and Occident Animation Studio create Digital Animation team

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The Panamanian Chamber of Information Technology, Innovation and Telecommunications (CAPATEC) created a new team for professionals in the Digital Animation industry led by Luis Carlos Caballero, member of the Innovation Division of the City of Knowledge with his company OCCIDENT ANIMATION STUDIO.

Luis Carlos Caballero, an Autodesk Certified Instructor for 3D animation and holder of a Master's Degree in 3D Animation for Film and Television with over 17 years' experience, is offering to all members of the City of Knowledge his support and collaboration through OCCIDENT ANIMATION STUDIO in the following fields:

- Corporate image

- General design​

- Powerful audiovisual content​

- 3D animations for film, architecture, TV and more​

- Augmented and virtual reality

Entrepreneurs or established companies will get the best personalized treatment and assistance when requiring any of these services.

In the words of Mr. Caballero, the driving force behind OCCIDENT ANIMATION STUDIO is: "Our interest to empower the industry with groundbreaking visuals and contribute to the development of our community. The value proposition is our top priority and a catalyst to innovate by integrating customers in the creative process. Our unique contents help build a strong brand identity to make your product or service stand out from competitors.”

We are aware that success is not only achieved by special skills. It is all about determination, strategy and organization.

"We hope that with this new CAPATEC team, we will be able to broaden our horizons and turn the Digital Animation industry into one of the cornerstones of the Panamanian economy".

For this reason, OCCIDENT ANIMATION STUDIO, with more than 12 years creating commercials and corporate content for the Panamanian market, was appointed as the leading company in 3D animation by the members of the Innovation Division and the City of Knowledge.