Campaign Launch for Wetlands Conservation

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In recent days a campaign was launched for Wetlands Conservation through the efforts coordinated by CIAM and the participation of Almanaque Azul, Ancon, AUDUBON, CEASPA, City of Knowledge Foundation, RAMSAR, PASOS, MarViva Foundation, Natura, PRO MAR, Wetlands International, The Nature Conservancy and FUNDESPA.

The Environmental Advocacy Center of Panama (CIAM) embraced the need to protect Panamanian mangroves, through the attention of those cases in which existing regulations are violated, and create conditions that will enable their defense by the conviction that all Panamanians have regarding their value.

Since late 2012 CIAM implements a project funded by Conservation International in support of the protection and sustainable use of wetlands, and especially of mangrove ecosystems in the Republic of Panama.

During the campaign launch it was made clear that people must work together because there are many threats and the notion of power they have as citizens is still very recent. Only knowledge will break down these barriers so people can realize that they can demand a clean and sustainable city, which should be enjoyed by all. A city with access to resources that the mangroves provide and which give protection against floods and climate change.

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