British delegation visits City of Knowledge Collection Center (CAM)

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A British delegation represented by six companies with expertise in recycling and waste management, visited the City of Knowledge Collection and Waste Management Center (CAM), operated by the NGO FAS PANAMA, to see the facilities and learn how recycling is handled within campus.

The British delegation was composed of experts from the companies CIWM, 4R Group, Firstgrade Recycling, WRAP, BLUE PLANET ENERGY SYSTEMS Limited and CL:AIRE. These companies specialize in the sustainable management of waste and resources; soil science and environment, environmental compliance, research and risk assessment; design, manufacture and installation of equipment for the waste management industry; waste reduction, development of sustainable products and efficient use of resources; waste management systems and stable energy production; and re-use of contaminated land in a sustainable manner.

Marisol Landau, President of FAS PANAMA, offered a tour of the CAM where she mentioned that in 2011 the City of Knowledge launched an Integrated Waste Management System, as well as the establishment of transfer stations in a number of offices where recyclables are taken to the center. She also explained how the CAM receives, sorts, weighs, stores and markets solid waste to be recovered for subsequent recycling or reuse.

After the presentation, the delegation toured the City of Knowledge campus where they got to learn more about how the City of Knowledge merges the academic, scientific, technological, cultural and business components in a unique and sustainable space.