Biosciences discussion session at CDS

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The University of Panama (UP), the Institute for Scientific Research and High Technology Services (INDICASAT), the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies (GMI), and the City of Knowledge Foundation (FCDS) held in recent days the biosciences discussion session: Role of society to coinfection of Tuberculosis and Human Immunodeficiency Virus, at the City of Knowledge Training and Business Center.

The discussion session sought to discuss with experts in the fields of medicine, research and social assistance on the increasing incidence in the coexistence of both diseases, seeking social mobilization to combat the issue. Speakers who participated at the session were Griselda Arteaga, Department of Microbiology, Immunology Section (UP / GMI); Amador Goodridge (INDICASAT); and Ruby Sánchez of the Coalition for Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection is one of the major health problems affecting Panamanian society. Tuberculosis is the most common disease among people living with HIV. Social empowerment is key to controlling these diseases.