APSE™ Biophotonics Technology in the City of Knowledge Pool

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Kiwanis Sports Village and Engeenuity S.A., affiliate of the International Technopark of Panama, have agreed to test the APSE™ technology system in the City of Knowledge Pool.

The test is intended to benefit pool users with water treated with the lowest concentration of chlorine-gas possible, while seeking to control biofilm and bacteria levels in a natural way with the least possible use of chemicals, through Photons, Light and Ultrasound, for a trial period of 60 days.

Both users and employees will notice substantial differences and get a better feel during and after using the pool. The benefits of this initiative include: less exposure to chemicals, lower respiratory tract irritation, lower eye irritation, better maintained hair and skin, and lung damage prevention.

The test will last for 60 days, during which assessments will be taken not only by the maintenance staff, but also by users who can express their views through a survey.

This initiative by Kiwanis Sports Village, which provides recreation and physical activities in the City of Knowledge facilities, is due to the constant concern of providing more safety to its users. The company Engeenuity S.A., winner of several innovation awards like the 2013 Edison Awards in safety http://www.edisonawards.com, gathers the necessary credentials to offer "environmentally responsible" solutions and help the Kiwanis Sports Village to sustainably address the areas that need attention.

Information signs will be placed in the common and more transited areas, which will familiarize users with the system.

APSE™ Biophotonics portable devices from Engeenuity will protect the pool user, so it is very important to notify maintenance personnel if you happen to see them floating, not pull them from their location at the bottom of the pool and let the personnel know if you see someone unauthorized with any of the devices.

Learn more about APSE™ Biophotonics portable devices in this video: