Ants Kul preschool reaches extraordinary achievements in students

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Ants Kul preschool, located at the City of Knowledge for over 10 years, received an educational quality certification by the Pentacidad Group, making them the first nursery school in Panama to obtain this certification in the Quality Education International Standard on Competition and Values NTMP001, by the Quality Certification S.G.S Panama, a world leader in certification.

Periods of adaptation in less time, greater focus on school activities, mutual aid, expression and recognition of feelings, as well as working in an organized manner, have been part of the achievements made by the Children's Center Ants Kul in their pre-school students aged 1-4 years, after a year of implementing the International Quality Standard Management System Pentacidad Model NTMP001.

Starting in 2014, Ants Kul launched this new system with encouraging results in the development of their students, in the constant search to innovate and offer Panamanian families the best choice of initial education. For the school it represents a great satisfaction to have the SGS Central America & Caribbean certify it in the Advanced Level of the Pentacidad standard, becoming the first preschool center of Panama to obtain the title.

With this system, which began with the use of the self-regulating methodology, results were also achieved in infants related to a better order in the activities carried out both inside and outside the classroom, knowledge of and compliance with guidelines for coexistence and communication, better development in exercises, identifying children who are part of the group, and a constant level of self-control.

All of these important activities are part of the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Ants Kul, which is located since 2005 at the City of Knowledge, offering an effective, creative and innovative alternative that allows children to develop holistically with the coeducational model Pentacidad, whose purpose is to act in students by discovering their potential.

Teachers who are highly competitive and committed to the processes of socialization and development of global intelligence, in addition to the care and attention of students that enter formal schooling, are responsible for implementing this Pentacidad model, created by Spanish educational psychologists Begoña Salas García and Victoria Herreros, whose main objective is to incorporate a new collective unit in which students, teachers and parents participate in groups to improve their skills.

This system provides about 20 basic skills with 80 associated values, organized in 5 areas such as: identity, social, mind, body and emotions.