ADEN Business School “Marketing Plan” Conference

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On Thursday, November 17, the “Marketing Plan” conference was held at the Training and Business Center of the City of Knowledge with the participation of Professor Raymond Schefer, Vice President of Marketing at the ADEN Business School.

The conference dealt with new ways of developing the market’s potential in complex environments, the competitive reality of today’s world, strategies, the no change process, perception (marketing), how to brake boundaries, understanding who the costumer is, handing over control and evaluating interactions.

Professor Raymond Schefer has a Pd.D. Candidate from Jaen University in Spain, an MBA from City University in Zurich, and an Industrial Engineering Degree from the UNC in Argentina. He has lead commercial areas and managed international European and Latin American companies, he is a consultant and international lecturer, and the co-author of “El management ante el desafío de la turbulencia” and “La Brújula del Servicio”.

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