1st Interclub Archery Tournament

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The archery club of the City of Knowledge "Bowman 507" had an outstanding participation in the 1st Interclub Tournament held in Panama, which had the participation of 40 archers.

The archers of the Bowman club won the 1st, 2nd and 4th place in the qualifying round in the female recurve bow and 1st and 2nd place in the qualifying round in the male recurve bow. These results allowed the archers to participate in the final round where they obtained the 1st and 3rd place in female recurve and 1st and 2nd in male recurve. Bowman was consolidated as the club with the highest number of medals of the tournament.

The event was organized and developed by the 5 archery clubs that operate in the country, with the support of the National Association of Archery of Panama (ANTAP) and was held in the facilities of Knightsbridge School International, home of the West Archery club of Arraiján. According to Alejandro Pachón coach and archer of Bowman "the tournament had high standards of organization, thanks to the joint work of different clubs. Archery in Panama has gone from being almost non-existent to having a significant number of archers and achieving quality events like this, in a very short time. That shows that there were many people interested in the sport but did not have the conditions to practice it. It is noteworthy in this tournament the good work done by the West Archery club and the sponsorship given by the Knightsbridge School."

As for the achievements made by Bowman club archers, coach and archer Julio Marquínez said that "the good results achieved by our archers, are thanks to the personalized work that has been done with each one, according to their conditions and availability of time, following the World Archery training standards. The support that the City of Knowledge has given to the sport has been very valuable, projecting it into the future as one of the flagship disciplines of the campus. "

It should be noted that Julio Marquínez is also the president of the ANTAP - National Association of Archery, under whose management this sport activity in the country has been reactivated.