TECHO Panama COLECTA 2017: Juntos En Esto

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Following the launch of the 2017 annual campaign: Juntos En Esto, TECHO Panama –located at the City of Knowledge- will hold on June 15,16 and 17 its #ColectaTECHO in streets and malls at the city of Panama and Chiriquí. More than 1,000 young people will mobilize to denounce poverty and inequality with a goal of raising $ 80,000 for the construction of 20 homes, initially in Chepo and Chiriquí communities, as well as other community infrastructure projects.

TECHO will be in 54 locations in Panama and 10 in David, Chiriquí. They will also have the support of artists and personalities like Iñaki Iriberri, Lilo Sánchez (Señor Loop), Cienfue, Carlos Méndez, Annie Chajin, Tomás Romero, Pierre de Janon, Vicente Pérez, Alberto Weand, Gerardo Pesantez and Monseñor José Domingo Ulloa. In addition, companies such as Tántalo, NexTV, among others, will participate.

If you want to join as a volunteer sign up here:

Help also with your donation on the streets and digitally here: