Regional Meeting of Parliamentarians

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Parliamentarians across the region will participate in the Regional Meeting "Enabling the rights agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean: the role of parliaments in achieving equality" to be held in Panama City from November 25 to 27, at the Hotel Continental.

This meeting is organized by the Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO) and the Inter-American Parliamentary Group (GPI), UN Women, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Gender inequalities in the region survive and are heterogeneous between and within countries. The achievements in the field of education, civil and political rights, for example, are far from advances in sexual and reproductive rights. On the other hand, we have more advanced and comprehensive legislation on violence against women, but the naturalization of violence against women, with institutional weakness, results in difficulties in applying these laws and in a high impunity that place Latin American women in a blind alley.

Recognizing these advances, and also its limitations, is a necessary starting point to place the challenges of gender equality at the center of the debate on the agenda of development and human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean. The goal is for it to no longer be seen as a parallel agenda, marginal or exclusively of women, and become central to the transformation of our societies. Parliaments, through their roles of enacting and amending laws and political control, have a fundamental role in this equality.

It is in this context that UN Women, UNFPA, UNDP, PARLATINO and GPI, have associated to convene a forum for discussion between parliamentarians that will allow to build alliances and mobilize the political will to enact laws and policies with a view to human and gender rights that will contribute to the process of economic development and social justice.

This meeting hopes to link four key elements: First, make a balance of the achievements and challenges of the development and human rights agenda in Latin America, including gender inequality as a central aspect. Second, show the connections of this agenda with the legislative agenda of the region. Third, analyze what could be the priorities for the legislative agenda for equality in the coming years. And fourth, show how the increased presence of women and men committed to equality in Parliament can be an accelerating vehicle in this transformative development agenda.

More information contact: Caterina de Tena CEL: 624 674 59