Quality Infrastructure: Tool for the country's development

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Date: Friday, May 8, 2015

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Location: City of Knowledge Convention Center, Bldg. 184

RSVP: esantamaria@cenamep.org.pa

Free admission, limited capacity

The City of Knowledge Foundation and the National Metrology Center of Panama (CENAMEP) invite you, in the international month of metrology, to the forum "Quality Infrastructure: Tool for the country's development," which will be held on Friday, May 8, at the City of Knowledge Convention Center, Bldg. 184.

The National Quality Infrastructure, well established and supported by a national regulatory framework, promotes technological development, innovation, competitiveness, consumer protection, the elimination of technical barriers for trade, production of goods and services by ensuring their quality and safety -which in turn promotes more investment-, access to new markets, job creation and better use of natural resources; resulting in products and services that consumers can trust.

This infrastructure consists of a joint network of national, public and private institutions, such as: the government and its regulatory agencies; micro, small, medium and large enterprises that produce goods; trading companies, service companies; metrology institutes, testing, calibration and clinical analysis laboratories; certification and accreditation organisms; agencies for environmental protection; the academic sector; research, development and innovation institutions; consumers and consumer protection agencies.

The forum will explain to authorities, private organizations and consumers, the role that each one plays as regulators or propellers of a National Quality System, for the country to develop the skills needed in the metrology area to raise the measurement capabilities of Panama and the region. In addition, it will discuss the relationship between metrology and the main functions of the state, in favor of strengthening quality supported on a scientific basis, and to provide a better health service, a better quality of life, of relationship with the environment and fairer trade for our fellow citizens; besides improving the competitiveness of our country to gain access to more developed international markets.

About exhibitor Clemens Sanetra:

Clemens Sanetra has a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Clausthal, Germany, in the area of material fatigue. He is a consultant with extensive experience in the different components of national systems of quality infrastructure, with emphasis on metrology. He works in technical cooperation projects worldwide, especially in Asia and Latin America. In its effort to combine different fields related to quality, he has developed a systemic approach to setting national quality infrastructure.