Fortifications of the 20th century and its integration into the urban fabric

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Date: Saturday, November 24, 2018
Time: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Place: City of Knowledge Convention Center, building 184, room 102
Free event, open to the public

The City of Knowledge Foundation, ICOMOS Panama and the Association of Anthropology and History of Panama, invite you to the conversation "Fortifications of the 20th century in the former Canal Zone and its integration into the urban fabric of the City of Colón", which will take place on Saturday, November 24, at the City of Knowledge Convention Center.

ICOMOS Panama carries out cultural activities for the promotion of the conservation of the historical and cultural heritage, and this discussion refers to the fortified heritage in the former Canal Zone and especially in the city of Colón. ICOMOS Panama echoes the theme proposed by ICOFORT (International Scientific Committee on Fortifications and Military Patrimony of ICOMOS) "Integration of fortified heritage of the 19th and 20th century in tools and urban planning discourses" for the Scientific Symposium of ICOMOS 2018 in Argentina, with a Panamanian conversation prior to the event.

Speakers and topics:

- Dr. Guillermo Castro - The Canal country and its territorial integration: Landscape of the former Canal Zone and conversion of military uses.
- Joel Ceras - Fortified Heritage of the city of Colón: Regulations and Threats.
- Gerónimo Espitia - Territorial order and its law No. 21: the urban contribution from the perspective of military architecture of the 20th century.

About ICOMOS Panama

Its objective is to promote knowledge and appreciation of the general and specialized public for the architectural heritage of the Former Canal Zone and the City of Colón, including the military architectural heritage. This heritage is part of the history of the transformation of the interoceanic region, both in the historical-social aspect as in the formation of its current historical urban landscape. In the particular case of the City of Colón, whose historical center is undergoing a broad renovation process led by the National Government, this discussion becomes pertinent and necessary.