6th Regional K-SAR Meeting 2014

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Date: August 21 to 24, 2014

Location: City of Knowledge

Cost: $ 100.00 (includes tuition, lodging, certification and food)

Registration: ksarcruzrojapanama@hotmail.com / servican@hotmail.com

More information: 315-1389 / 6676-2821 / 6747-1280 / www.ksarcruzroja.com

From August 21 to 24, six countries of the region meet for the sixth time in Panama specializing in search and rescue dogs (K-SAR), in order to assess the role of K-SAR teams in the Sub-1 Region and Colombia, regarding victims who are trapped under collapsed structures and landslides.

The meeting will also seek to measure the effectiveness of the intervention involving intervention teams BREC, CRECL, Medics, Firemen, Customs and the Red Cross of Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, K-SAR Colombia, K-SAR Mexico, Sinaproc Panamá and K-SAR Panamanian Red Cross.

Groups attending will analyze the degree and level of coordination of the entities participating with the K-SAR team and pairs (dog-man/woman) will be certified by the basic course. Tutors of the K-SAR specialty will also be trained at a national and international level.

Another objective of this meeting is to unify and strengthen the K-SAR specialty throughout the region, by sharing real experiences during the rescue of victims under collapsed structures and landslides.

The inauguration will be on Thursday, August 21st, at 8:30 a.m. in the auditorium of the City of Knowledge Convention Center and will be attended by officials of the Panamanian Red Cross, and of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Among the activities that comprise the event are:

- K-SAR basic course
- K-SAR regional tutor course
- Search and rescue drill
- Technical workshops

What is K-SAR

K-SAR (Kanine Search and Rescue) is the canine unit responsible for the search and rescue of human lives in natural disasters, whether it’s debris, collapsed structures, landslides or victims in open fields from accidents or natural disasters.