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The Four Worlds Foundation (FWF)

Introduction: It is the rationale and intention of The Four Worlds Foundation (Panama) to establish a legal presence in the Ciudad del Saber in Panama City for the purpose of acting as a representative and coordinating organization for implementation of the joint-programs and purposes of a growing number of international sponsors and international affiliated organizations that share Four Worlds purposes, values, goals and objectives

Vision Statement/Mission:To impact, empower and transform the hope and opportunities for education, growth and livelihood for Indigenous Peoples and communities worldwide via the innovative deployment of lower cost integrated digital age open source systems, applications, social networking and participatory media tools. All programs and processes shall be governed by the guiding principles and practices of "The Fourth Way"

Four Worlds Foundation (Panama) – Ciudad del Saber - Purposes, Goals and Objectives:

  1. Global Peacemaking Efforts: To support the promotion, coordination of programs aimed at the systematic adoption and implementation of “The Fourth Way,” a global humanitarian peacemaking and educational initiative which seeks to unify the human family by taking a culturally-based, principle-centered path that transcends assimilation, resignation, and conflict for all peoples everywhere in s spirit of unity, universal brotherhood and peace.
  2. Indigenous Education and Community Development: To assisting via community programs and outreach projects the educational, environmental, health, economic development, and information technology needs of Indigenous peoples and communities worldwide.
  3. Network-of-Networks - To act as a Western Hemisphere-based technology portal or hub organization located centrally at the CDS aimed at the promulgation of research focused primarily on the study, digital archiving, preservation and dissemination of Indigenous knowledge, wisdom, culture, history and ways of being. (Indig.e.Net Program Concept)
  4. Contributing NGO Status: To strive always to work positively and synergistically in mutual harmony and coordination with other CDS located governmental corporate, technology and academic organizations and entities and stakeholders in the accomplishment of mutually- shared objectives and purposes in all CDS focus areas and priorities.
  5. International Partnership Approach: The Four Worlds Foundation and Four Worlds International will actively seek to integrate and leverage the combined resources, funding and contributions of its affiliated sponsors and international partnering organizations and all other donors aligned closely with its goals and purposes to accomplish all of its program objectives worldwide.
  6. Deep Indigenous Community Network Empowerment – FWF and its affiliates seek to utilize the power of open source low cost online, state-of-the-art viral technologies, social networking and participatory media tools to empower disenfranchised and disadvantaged third-world people’s to access and transform their own world and take full advantage of the knowledge economy.
Persona de contacto: Giuseppe Villalaz
Teléfono: (507) 306-3710 ext. 3915