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Quantic Vision SA

Customer Care: Quantic Vision is providing technological solutions bringing improvement and control of interactions between a company and its customers.

Quantic Connections: Quantic Vision developed and markets an original Unified Notification Platform, allowing massive communications though SMS (cellular text messages), e-mail, IVR (voice),Twitter messages and Push Notifications for App (iOS & Android).

Quantic Contact: Contact Center as a Service (Platform as a Service).

-Customer Relationship Management: SugarCRM;

Since 2006, Quantic Vision successfully installed its solutions with more than 300 customers in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Peru, etc.

Furthermore, Quantic Vision has a strong background in CTI e IVR, Integration with Voice and Collaboration Platform from Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk, Broadsoft, etc.; Tools to control and improve phone customer care; integration between colaboration platforms, Call Center and CRM.

Infraestructura: E-237-P2-D
Persona de contacto: Dominique Vervin
Teléfono: 317 0000