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Logic Studio S.A.

Logic Studio - Your nearshore partner for innovation Logic Studio is a recognized Latin American outsourcing and software factory that provides solutions on web and mobile platforms. We empower customers to significantly increase the success of their software development projects, while complying with the best practices on innovation management, software engineering, and agile development with SCRUM. Logic Studio has offices in Panama and Ecuador, with locations as close as a 2-hour flight from the United States. Logic Studio enjoys more than 15 years in the near shoring arena providing solutions to corporations, banks, and the public sector taking advantage of web and mobile technologies to create innovative services. Thanks to the quality of our work, our leadership team has been recognized by Microsoft as Regional Director to promote new technologies, and awarded Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional for the creation of new technical communities

Infraestructura: E-235-P2-H
Persona de contacto: Alex Sanchez
Teléfono: 317 1258