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Intelligis Technologies

We use technology to provide visibility of field operations to businesses, analyze the information that its produced and present it in a geographical setting that allows businesses to understand their situation and take better decisions.

Intelligis Technologies provides business intelligence and field automation services in geographical context. Our goal is to help businesses in the creation of competitive advantages that originate from the analysis of the information that is produced in the field and in the markets where they have presence. We deliver the services as SaaS (Software as a Service) and use GIS technologies as the base of our solutions (Geographical Information Systems). The scope of our services includes field data capture solutions and its processing, analysis and visualization to assist in the decision making related with business processes (e.g. sales, distribution, customer satisfaction and field support processes, among others).

"At Intelligis we transform information into intelligent decisions"

Persona de contacto: José Manuel Nagel
Teléfono: 507 393 8951