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CENAMEP AIP - Panama National Metrology Center

The National Metrology Centre of Panama (CENAMEP AIP) aims to enhance the knowledge of the Science of Measurements (Metrology), together with other national institutions, to achieve the uniformity of measures in Panama, based on International Standards. CENAMEP AIP provides calibration services in quantities such as mass, energy, time and frequency, temperature, volume, force, humidity, length, and others. Its services target the industry, testing and calibration laboratories, and all other enterprises that due to the nature of their services, must calibrate the measuring equipment used to provide their products or services. CENAMEP AIP also provides proficiency test services, specialized courses, and consulting services, among others. As the National Metrology Laboratory, CENAMEP AIP has recognition from the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) & traceability to the International System of Units, participates in international comparisons, meets the quality standards for testing & calibration laboratories, and tightly evaluates the competence of its staff in order to adapt the national measurements to the requirements of international treaties & agreements that govern the world trade.

Persona de contacto: Brian Nieto
Teléfono: 507 517 3100