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Aura Health

Aura Health is born after a number of project experiences at Grupo Aura in the healthcare industry and acknowledging the rising opportunities in this industry. The healthcare industry landscape has changed, it is becoming consumer-centric adjusting to the needs and desires of empowered patients, setting the stage for a new health era. Across the world, healthcare systems are recognizing the need for innovation and adoption of eHealth (i.e. Electronic Health) solutions as advances in health technologies can facilitate healthcare delivery. In line with these new trends, Aura Health addresses those unmet needs by offering integrated technological solutions to improve patient experience and overall service quality.

Currently, the company currently offers two systems, the Patient Scheduling System and the Health Check Kiosk.

Aura’s Health core product is the innovative Patient Scheduling System. The Patient Scheduling System is an interactive multi-platformsolution that arises to optimize the scheduling process of medical appointments for both patients and doctors. For patients it is the quickest and easiest way to find doctors online and schedule appointments without using the call center. Available 24/7, it allows the patient to instantly book a health appointment through multiple channels: an interactive platform (e.g. healthcare kiosk), a mobile application or through a web portal. For doctors, it represents an efficient tool for organizing their agenda and establishing contact with patients.

The Aura Health Check Kiosk is a quick and easy way to get updated on your basic health statistics. It is designed to easily measure Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), Pulse and Blood Pressure. Tracking these four statistics together is key to early detection of hypertension, diabetes and other treatable health conditions. The kiosk provides users an acceptable score range for each of the metrics, based on body statistics and medical research. The kiosk is designed to support physically disabled people. Users can optionally create and account that allows them to save their health statistics for each visit and track them over time. For this they would require the following data: name, date of birth and gender. Every time a user visits a health check kiosk and logs into his/her account, new results will be uploaded safely and securely allowing users to access them online or through a mobile application. The kiosk can also show wellness programs, health education videos, on-line health monitoring tools and relevant advertising or messages that in combination with health statistics can help user to achieve their wellness goals.

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Persona de contacto: Carolina Fino
Teléfono: 3171339