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Artec was founded in 1982 with the vision of bringing high quality art products to Panama and since then our mission has been to help your "ideas become art.”  We are dedicated to providing our clients with a unique shopping experience with quality art products that will constantly satisfy our customers' needs and exceed their expectations. It is of upmost importance to us that our clients are not intimidated by the quantity and variety of products, but that they all feel part of the Artec family. 

We are constantly searching for new products that will satisfy our customers’ needs and wants, and as of today we have more than 3,000 products available at our stores. We have all kinds of products for all branches of art and for all levels of learning. Among them are: paints (acrylic, oil, pastels, poster paint, watercolors, spray paint, etc.), mediums, papers, pencils, pens, fineliners, markers, drawing pads and sketchbooks, brushes, easels, modeling clay, books to learn how to draw, drawing table, serigraphy materials, and many more. Additionally, we will be periodically offering art courses for different techniques and different age ranges. 

For our clients’ convenience, we currently have 3 stores in Panama: Ave. Manuel E. Batista, Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro and La Plaza - Ciudad del Saber.

Infraestructura: E-300-PB-B1
Persona de contacto: Frances Nicholas
Teléfono: (507) 209-9162 / 63