Workshop on Climate Change at the City of Knowledge

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The University for International Cooperation (UCI), the City of Knowledge Foundation and the Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) held the workshop "How do we understand the Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in other Areas of Implementation?”, on Tuesday, July 19 at the City of Knowledge Training and Business Center.

To inaugurate the activity Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation, said that "this issue is not only passionate but it is strategic. At the level of our country we have an extraordinary opportunity to make things right and define where we are going, always keeping in mind our commitment to Panama".

The workshop began with the participation of Dr. Eduard Muller, Rector of the University for International Cooperation (UCI), Costa Rica, who spoke about the "Regenerative Development before a Global Change Guarantor of an Economic, Social and Environmental Future". For Muller "the damages to the planet are so large that we can no longer achieve sustainable development; what we have to do is regenerate the tissue that keeps this planet alive," adding that "if we do something to save the planet it must be in full cooperation, no single institution will be able to achieve it, we must unite for a common goal." Additionally, he mentioned that countries should seek fault in themselves and stop expecting others to take the initiative, since we all contribute to climate change. The Dr. also spoke about the problem of global biodiversity loss, nitrogen cycle, climate change, population growth, ecological footprint, the need to control consumption, and the solution proposed by regenerative development.

For his part, Dr. Guillermo Castro, Vice President for Research and Education of the City of Knowledge Foundation, gave a conference entitled "Nature, environment, history: Knowledge management in the environmental crisis". Castro mentioned that we are immersed in an environmental crisis and added that "how we use knowledge is linked to how we produce it and why we produce it; for us the problem is how to put knowledge at the service of sustainable development". Castro also stressed that "the richest knowledge doesn’t consist in finding answers but rather in learning how to ask better questions that lead us to the necessary answers."

The last speaker was Jessica Young, National Officer of the Environment and Sustainable Development at UNDP, who spoke about the "Support Processes for Implementing the Paris Agreement”.