UCI-CIO Inauguration at the City of Knowledge

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The new International Operations Center of the University for International Cooperation (UCI-CIO) had, on November 25th, its official opening as a new affiliate of the City of Knowledge.

The International Operations Center (CIO) is a body affiliated to the University for International Cooperation (UCI), with the objective of developing an area of ​​strategic global exposure, to maximize the benefits of the educational model of UCI from Panama. The CIO coordinates the academic offerings of UCI abroad, establishes strategic alliances with international institutions and organizations, and implements projects and research with partners and allies of the university in Latin America.

Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, said that "it is very stimulating for us to have encourage the UCI to be located at the City of Knowledge, since international cooperation is the essence of what the City of Knowledge truly is, and where many of the actors with whom they will work in the future are located. The UCI is an example of what we want to build together for a better future".

For his part Eduard Muller, Rector of UCI, added, "UCI shares the vision of the City of Knowledge and understands the importance of developing educational enterprises that support knowledge management, to meet the educational, social and environmental needs of Latin America”.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, an inaugural toast was held followed by a small tour of the new UCI facilities at the City of Knowledge. This way UCI joins the other 275 institutions and companies affiliated to the City of Knowledge, to positively influence and innovate in knowledge management and competitiveness of the new education.