Responsible Cetacean Watching with MarViva Foundation

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In recent days MarViva Foundation organized a tour with various media members, intended to raise awareness about the work done regarding Responsible Cetacean Watching at Coiba National Park.

The tour had its starting point at Mutis Port, the main port for those heading to neighboring coastal communities, the entire Gulf of Montijo and the spectacular islands of Coiba National Park. As the boat crossed the fog surrounded by mangroves, which promised an unforgettable experience, the expedition headed for the Gulf of Chiriquí and its main destination: Coiba.

A journey, that pales in comparison to that of 8600 kilometers performed by the whales -in order to mate- from the South Pole to the Gulf of Chiriquí, located the expedition just a few meters from Pacific Spotted Dolphins and the great Humpback Whale, both species that could be spotted in a responsible manner, and in all its glory, thanks to the excellent work carried out by MarViva Foundation. There is currently a group of boaters in Montijo and Santa Catalina who have been trained by experts from the International Whaling Commission (IWC), with support from the MIF and MarViva, who offer the service of Responsible Cetacean Watching.

Several cetacean species transit the Gulf of Chiriquí and there are reports of at least 23 species transiting waters around Coiba National Park. There are therefore safety rules for crew protection, rules to avoid affecting the animal and types of conservation of cetaceans, which are implemented thanks to the efforts by MarViva Foundation to highlight the importance of this activity if it’s done responsibly.