Renovation of the Cooperation Agreement with Kiwanis Sport City

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In recent days the City of Knowledge Foundation signed a new cooperation agreement with the Kiwanis Sports City to administer the sports fields on campus, so they are used for the benefit of affiliates, residents, athletes and the community in general. Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation, and José Jaén, President of Kiwanis, signed the agreement.

According to Arosemena "for the whole FCdS team it is very pleasing to have reached a new agreement with Kiwanis, as we have enabled a sports complex to the community and not only to our users. At the end of the day it comes down to maintaining the facilities open to people of all ages and for the service of the community." Meanwhile Jaén stressed that "for me this agreement is very important since we started 16 years ago with the dream of having a sports complex for Panama, which has become one of the most important sports centers of the country."

The FCdS has decided to extend the cooperation agreement with Kiwanis Sport City, which commits, as they have done for 15 years, to carry out national and international sport activities in order to promote sports as an element of union and development of nations and individuals. Besides, they commit to carry out sports leagues, cultural and social activities related to sports, and promote the use of the installations of the sports complex for users, residents and visitors, by tending to their needs.

The Kiwanis Sport City has as its main objective the promotion of sport, educational and cultural activities that will continue to be carried out in the green areas of the City of Knowledge.